What are the advantages of a professional patent attorney in the filing process?

Many inventors believe that it is sufficient to obtain patent protection after their invention is already on the market or made public in academic papers. Some inventors file a patent application in time , but do not ask the professional help of a patent attorney. Still, in long term, the assistance of a patent attorney is needed.

Asking the help of a professional patent attorney is essential because the protection is only one of the purposes of filing. The real purpose is to broaden the range of the patent claims as much as possible. For example, in case of a real estate sales contract, the area of the house does not depend on the attorney who prepares the contract. In the case of a patent application, however, the area of the protection can vary a lot depending of the expertise of the patent attorney.

If you are in the academia, and disclose your invention in a publication, you cannot obtain a patent protection for the same solution. If you do this, you can say goodbye to the financial benefits you could otherwise enjoy by utilizing your invention. Due to this fact, filing the patent application has to precede the publication of your results.

If you prepared a patent application without any professional help and did not modify it later, it will be published ex officio one or two years later depending on the county. If an inventor realizes some deficiencies of the application too late, it is not possible to add new technical content to them after this period. Furthermore, the publication of your patent application will make your invention lose novelty.

You can see that not only money, but also the lack of information can harm your business. We can offer you the best available services to assist you on this point.

About us – who are we and why are we considered “professional”?

We, the trademark and patent attorneys of Pintz & Partners, offer counseling in IP matters and represent clients before courts and authorities (European and Hungarian) for all issues concerning patents, trademarks, designs, competition law, copyright law and also Internet-related matters, e.g. domain dispute resolution. Our patent and trademark attorneys are registered to practice before the national and international authorities everywhere in the world. Our firm offers a wide range of IP services – patent, trademark, design, utility model, domain – everywhere in the world. We guarantee a high level of services. Our patent and trademark attorneys have been working in the field of IP protection for more than 35 years.


Patent filing is one area of this field. PCT and national patent filing provider Pintz & Partners is a versatile patent and trademark law firm with widespread activities in protection of intellectual property. Our field of expertise covers every area of the technical field including physics, mechanics, electronics, microelectronics, and chemistry. We are also well versed in the younger and increasingly important areas of bio- and software technology, among others.

GyorgyPintz-startpatentOur lawyers practice in the prosecution, defense, and enforcement of patents, utility models and design models as well as preparing and concluding license agreements. When it comes to infringement matters, our office handles contentious cases on a team work basis: our patent attorneys are assisted by lawyers with extensive litigation practice (“barristers”).

We offer a range of online services which assist clients from everywhere in the world. Except Start-patent, our services cover a wide range of intellectual property assistance.

The managing attorney Mr. Gyorgy PINTZ is a registered European patent and trademark attorney who is also the president of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Association; vice president of the Consulting Body of Hungarian Internet Providers; member INTA, AIPPI and other international organizations. He was a member of the Hungarian IP Protection Council (Advisory Board of the Hungarian Patent Office) and he was the first Hungarian expert who had been invited to the EPO Standing Advisory Committee.

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