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Only new inventions that are not part of the so-called ‘prior art’ can be protected with a patent protection. The relevant information that has been made available to the public in any form before the filing date of a patent application is called prior art. Over 80% of the world’s technical knowledge can now be found in patent documents, which also means that simply the fact that an invention is not commercially available does not mean that it is new. Thus, performing a prior art search in patent databases is exceedingly important.

Disclaimer: the free online patent search provided by this website is not fully comprehensive, it is only based on extracts of European, international (PCT), USA and Japanese patent documents published in English. Relevant documents can be chosen from among 100 matches. The search is only for information purposes and cannot replace professional prior art search, therefore if possible, we recommend you to utilize professional patent search services for your patent application.

Step 1

By using keywords, narrow down the scope of the search and find the keywords most relevant to the invention.

The icon “SEARCH (in categories)” displays the categories (classes) that best match the keywords. Keywords should be specified until the number of categories displayed does not exceed five.

The categories are based on the definitions of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC).

If the keywords were correctly used to lower the number of the categories, or if you used the right keywords originally, you can proceed to Step 2.

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Step 2

Here you will see the most important data of the hundred most relevant previous patent documents (office of publication, number, patent title and extract – abstract). The order the documents appear in is also the order of relevance. For more information on individual patents – description, claims, drawings, etc. – found on the European Patent Office’s website (, click on the registration number.

Patent documents must be studied and you have to select 2-4 patent descriptions that you think are the closest / most relevant to your invention.

After this, click on the “NEXT (edit search report)” button, and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Extracts of the selected documents will appear (please be patient until they are downloaded). These have to be inspected as well as they can be supplemented with additional information. If an abstract is not in English, please translate it to English. In the textboxes below, in English, you need to write the disadvantages of the solution offered to the technical problem respectively.

After that you only need to click on the “Send Search Report” button to receive the search report. You will receive the report through email, so your e-mail address and preferably your contact name have to be provided. After a thorough review (adding supplementary information, correction) you can attach the received Word document to your patent application or upload it at the corresponding menu on

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