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Tech-based startups can easily remain unprotected in their competition with international and transnational corporations. Start-patent gives an opportunity to small- and medium-sized enterprises to protect their technology, thus, help them to succeed in their business.

The biggest wealth of startups is not physical capital, but intellectual property (IP). Even if a startup has no facilities or real estates, most cases it possesses some kind of invention, mechanical or information technology solution. Well-designed innovation has a potential for infinite growth. However, if an innovation is not protected properly, it is easier to steal it than stealing a tangible thing – and completely legal.

Many startups face with problems like finding investors to provide the necessary resources for their product development, and they need to solve many dilemmas. The problem is that without information about your invention, no investors will offer money for you to improve/develop it. This way you can hardly get enough money to obtain patent protection. Without patent protection, however, it is risky to disclose your secrets. Filing patent applications is expensive, and startups often lack financial resources. The expenses of patent filing are often heavy financial burdens for a freshly established company. – this is the point where Start Patent can help you!

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Start Patent helps you create a patent description.

Key features:

Saving money

You can save the expenses of a patent attorney at the beginning of the process

Saving time

Guided questions and automatic formatting helps you prepare your patent description, saving you precious time

Highest level of security

The connection to the site is encrypted and authenticated. Moreover, we use an additional layer of encryption for your data that can only be decrypted with your personal password – no one, not even us can learn your secrets.

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In every country (national office) and international office (WIPO, EPO) where it is possible

Start-patent offers you guided questions to help you process information about your invention. Patent descriptions you create with our software can be submitted to the proper Patent Offices. After you filed a patent application, you get at least a provisional protection, thus, you can be sure that your invention is protected when you negotiate with potential investors. Once investors are financing your product, you will have enough resources to hire a professional patent attorney for a professional quality patent application. On the social level, this service helps to generate innovation and more patent applications. As an inventor, you gain more time to find investors. Yet it is important to know that after filing the patent application, no new technical content can be added to the application and the range of the patent claims has to remain the same. For this reason, it is important to initially prepare the application to be as good as possible. If the protection is not given, the unsuccessful applicant can revoke his application before publishing his invention without paying any further expenses. On the other hand, after a successful patent filing, the inventor can obtain a good quality protection later with the help of a professional patent attorney.

The leading international business magazines of the world agree that protecting intellectual property is essential for startups. They know how to protect investments:

“It’s difficult to research product demand, while also keeping that same product secret. But nothing worth doing is ever easy, right? Understand IP, and have an IP strategy. All the work you put in now will pay off in the future.”


“So many tech startups get caught in the whirlwind of their new idea, but they don’t have the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to protecting it, and that’s often one of the biggest obstacles to success.”

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“Regardless of a company’s size, effective and proper IP management is important to any emerging company.”


“Avoiding the common IP mistakes that startups make will increase your company’s chances of defying the odds and excelling where others have failed.”

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